Messages from Marian apparition at Kurescek to Father Smaverski 1989-1999. The Queen Of Peace instructs and warns...

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"...Do not prove the authenticity of my apparitions and messages. I will speak myself to the hearts that are open for spiritual good..."

February 10, 1994 and At His Last Meeting With the Lady

"... Do not argue with those, who do not believe, that I your Mother and Queen of Peace am also coming into the Church through the visionaries..."

April 4, 1998 and At His Last Meeting With the Lady

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The Messages of The Queen of Peace to Father Smaverski in 1992

" Put into practice the Gospel and my messages, which are an expression of the Gospel.

Come to me, I want to bless you.

Until August 5th no new messages will be published. I am especially looking forward to the meeting with you on the 10th of February. Be my courageous and proud children!

Do not fall prey to ambiguity and to the seductive world. The storm cannot get to my faithful children, therefore do not withdraw yourselves from the presence of God.

Prayer, especially the prayer of the Rosary, is your weapon. My blessing assists you always.The messages from 8th of February until August 5th were published after 5th of August. "

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" If humanity, all Christians and especially the Croatians would only recognize now what they have missed because they have not obeyed me.

I have been inviting them for ten years, warned and asked that they should pray for peace and endeavour for a life devoted to God.

The majority has not accepted me, the messenger of God, has not received my warnings or my invitation to consecration The consequences and trials are terrible.

Oh, if they would at least recognize me now, the Queen of Peace, and accept me as the Mother through whom God is speaking.

Threatening clouds are gathering around the South.

Slovenia is no longer threatened by war, but dangerous, spiritual darkness is sneaking in.

In a crafty way, it will try to penetrate into all pores of Christian life and work. Its main goal is to hurt Christianity and to overtake political power. From Slovenia the darkness will reach far.

Only one way remains to defend and protect yourselves: convert, live in reconciliation, share peace, live according to the Gospel and the divine messages which you receive through me.

Pray, pray and fast. You can only rest in my Heart and in the Heart of my Son, there is no time any place else for spiritual indolence and rest. My blessing will accompany all those who love the truth and live in obedience. You, my son, I bless especially, for in great trials you will need my help."

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" Praised be Jesus Christ !

Even though I tremble in sorrow because the satanic forces have so much power over the faithful and over humanity in general, I rejoice very much over you who have heard my voice and have come to me.

This is my day and you are mine.

I rejoice in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are gifted with great grace for I have come to you according to His Will and you have come to me. All your thanksgiving and praise I will unite with mine, and I will offer it to the Father and the Son for that is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Trust me, pray and fast, I shall be with you, your helper.

I bless you, especially those who have overcome difficulties and obstacles in order to come to me.

I am the Mother and Queen of Peace."

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

Thanks be to all of you who have come to me.

Thank you that at least some are striving to fulfill the Will of GOD and that you endeavour to live according to the Gospel and that my messages are truth for you. I will bless you and pray with you, so that you may pass through the great obstacles. Through prayer and fasting you will be able to resist the powers of darkness.

These have only power over man. The Almighty destroys them through your faith and prayer. Have confidence in the Holy Trinity and in my intercession and you will conquer.

Otherwise a strenous path is waiting for you!

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"You are my joy, blossoms in the little wreath on my head. Remain faithful to me, do not allow trials to remove your trust, faith and love for GOD and for me.

The storms of trials for the Church, especially for the Church in Slovenia, have already shown their forces.

In the unrest of today's wind the image of the pressure of the powers of darkness, still little known to you, shows itself. Fidelity, prayer, fasting and vigilance are your defense.

Let yourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit, who is your strength and help. I will be with you also. Be strong.

My blessing shall remain with you."

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"With special longing, I invite all religious orders and other spiritual communities to renew the faith and sanctity of the Church and to return to their original spirituality. The communities shall be a living fire and light of the Gospel.

Do not fear opposition.

The opposition against the communities who spiritually renew the Church is a sign of the personal spiritual crises and complacency of those opposing them. I invite to spiritual renewal especially the priests, my beloved sons, because they can contribute the most to the spiritual renewal of the Church.

They can be bearers or hinderers of spiritual progress. I bless all you who hear me."

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" I always rejoice over you, even if there are sometimes tears in my eyes.

I will bless you because those who gather at this place are becoming more and more numerous.

I promise that this place shall be a special place of graces.

Strive for reconciliation and peace.

Do not imagine that it is possible to reach this with a single deed. It is an action of continuance in which it is necessary to strive through prayer, fasting and sacrifice for reconciliation and peace.

Only a life according to the Gospel and according to my messages enables you for reconciliation which brings about peace... I bless all of you and also those who have recommended themselves to you for prayer.

I especially bless the suffering."

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" My Heart rejoices over all of you who wish to hear me and who put into practice the Gospel and my messages. I rejoice over all the Bishops and Priests who inspire the children to consecrate themselves to me.

The decision of the Slovenian Bishops that all Slovenia consecrate itself to me is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and my blessing.

Therefore you will not wait in vain for my answer to this consecration.

I will especially bless the Slovenian, Croatian and other Bishops, so that they may be a blessing to the whole Church.

And you, Smaverski, await in prayer the suffering that lays ahead of you. You will not be alone, I will help you ... The Queen of Peace blessed all those present and all the sick"

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"I myself did not wish that my apparitions in Medjugorje be accepted immediately within the whole Church.

But I was sad about the position of the Bishop, who would have been called the most to carefully tend my children and my messages.

He judged according to human inclinations, therefore there was no humility. In this way he could not recognize the Divine Mercy that has chosen me to address the whole world through the children of Medjugorje.

I, your Mother, never avenge myself because of disobedience even as GOD is not a God of revenge.

But evil derives from disobedience and is the consequence of negligence towards the divine message.

Man, who rejects the Will of God, remains without GOD's blessing.

But to forfeit GOD's blessing means to make room which the evil powers are going to fill up. Priests, dear sons From you I expect spiritual maturity, not the impeding of the spiritual growth and progress of my children who are entrusted to you.

With great love and care I accompany you and I bless you."

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" Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank you that you are ever more who meet me more often.

I especially thank my faithful children who frequently come to this place.

I shed tears of sorrow because of the suffering of the people who are so close to me. Cling to me and give God thanks for the peace which is promised to you if you are obedient.

Terrible powers hold you in their clutches.

Only with obedience to God and to my messages with prayer, fasting and sacrifice will you be able to counter them.

Announce my messages to the world. You, Smaverski, endeavour still more, pray even more, fast and offer up your pains with gratitude. Be a faithful disciple of my school.

Beginning on the 5th of August, I will meet you during the whole month and teach you.

Wait for me every day at 9 p.m. Publish all messages from this year, beginning on February 8, except those only meant for you. I bless all, especially those who are tried because of war, sacrifice, fear and the loss of their homes."

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" Thank you that you have come on my day.

Rejoice with me that I am your Mother and that you are my children. You will make me rejoice the most when you will love the Father and my Son and when you let yourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit.

All of my children, love one another and at the same time love those who oppose them.

I also ask you:

Pray for the Pope, the Bishops and Priests.

With prayer and fasting you will take the destructive force from the evil powers. Satan flees from the Name of the Crucified.

Prove that you belong to Jesus!

In Him is your strength.

Remain my faithful children. I, your Mother, the Mediatrix of Peace bless you."

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" Praise be Jesus Christ ! Thank you that you have come in such great numbers. I rejoice over your happiness with me. At this place I promise you again many graces for all those who will take refuge in me with faith, trust and humility.

May your faith not only be destined for me.

All belongs to God, I will help you. I desire always that all men live in the peace that God gives and that all may be willing to live in reconciliation. I will bless your endeavours for peace and reconciliation.

Forgive, forgive and be thankful to God for peace and protection. Stop evil in the Name of GOD and with faith in Him who gives you strength.

Stop hatred and wars with confident prayer, fasting and reparation. Priests, my beloved sons! I am thankful to all persevering and courageous priests who come here. I rejoice over the new ones who give themselves through me to the Son in the ministry of Sacrifice and Reconciliation.

All those who doubt my presence shall listen in humility.

I will address each one; only arrogance hinders me. I bless you all and those for whom you have prayed. "

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Return of the Statue of Graces and Inauguration of the Renovated Church "Queen of Peace" through Archbishop Dr. Sustar.

Mary awaited us at the twelfth Station of the Way of the Cross.

" Praised be Jesus Christ!

I rejoice over each of my victories among men. Today great joy is in my Heart for I celebrate with you the victory on Kurescek.

My blessings will be with all those who have taken seriously my wishes for the renewal of this shrine and all those who through their work and money have made the renovation of the church possible.

This is my place, it is a place of great graces.

Believe and trust me.

My Heart and the Heart of my Son wait for you. Priests, my beloved sons, I open the door of my shrine and invite you to find joy in coming here to offer the Holy Sacrifice and to exercise the service of reconciliation and prayer. Come here in your personal and priestly afflictions as well. I am the Queen of Peace.

I await you priests, my sons, in a special way. Come and guide your little sheep to me and more peace and joy shall be among you. To all of you here present and to all those for whom you have prayed I give my blessing."

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" Bring to an end and extinguish the fire of hatred with the fire of love. Forgive with humility. Compete in seeing who can be more successful in spreading peace. Pray for your adversaries and forgive them. Fear to judge, that you yourselves may not be among the judged. Through administering divine graces you yourselves stay in the power of grace.

Remain my faithful children!

May my blessing be with you; I especially bless the sick and the handicapped."

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" You are my joy, for you are always more numerous with me also in this place. Try even more to make the Gospel become your life. I am especially pleased with those priests who open themselves to my Heart and to the Heart of my Son. My blessing is with you! "

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" Several false prophets and teachers come to you in my Name.

Beware for you do not know from where and when the wolf is coming. Priests, guard your stables.

Wolves are breaking in and trying to disperse the sheep entrusted to you. Your responsibility is great. Be close to me and with me and do not be afraid. Do not rely on your capacities, your strength and your knowledge.

Only the Triune God is your strength.

Yet I am your reliable help. Nobody will leave Kurescek without my blessing, provided they come here with good intentions, this I promise to you. I will impart a special blessing on those who take refuge in me in afflictions and trials of the soul and body and on those who seek peace.

My motherly Heart blesses you!"

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

I have invited you in order to reveal a great danger that is threatening you, the members of the Church.

Theological science destroys the belief of many.

In a lack of faith they spread a merely human theology; many therefore find themselves in a crisis of faith. This is especially bad, because this crisis affects some priests. The crisis of Faith is also the cause of the other errors.

Pray, my children, not to be poisoned by the erroneous theology that some consider to be a scientific theology.

Pray for theology professors, especially for the educators of future priests and the religious clergy and for all the Superiors in the Church that they develop a true theological science that strengthens faith and does not spiritually destroy others.

Some theologians in the Church develop a false philosophy; they want to interprete everything rationally.

They claim that no miraculous interventions of God exist, that no angels exist and no father of evil and no evil spirits.

This is a terrible error destroying true spirituality and giving Satan many a possibility for activity. You priests shall care for a true spiritual current. Remain therefore faithful to the Gospel and to the teaching of the Church.

Avoid all spiritualities that do not conform to the Gospel, especially because they please men through their comfort.

Redemption was paid at a costly price.

Let us confirm it therefore through a life lived according to the Gospel, through renunciation, prayer and fasting. Priests, my beloved sons, do not divorce yourselves from your Bishops and Superiors.

Be one with them as the Father and the Son are one. I will also bless fidelity to the Gospel and to the Church. Pray that you may not undergo temptation; seduction is great and strong. God is almighty. I will be happy to help you. Do not let those brothers alone who are under trial. You shall show them your love. Help them !"

The visionary asked Mary what he should do with this message.

She responded to him:

" Publish these messages, for they are for the whole Church. My blessing will remain with all of you. "

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"...Publish these messages,
for they are for the whole Church.
My blessing will remain with all of you..."
November 13th, 1992 and At Father Smaverski Last Meeting With The Lady on December 8th, 1999 At 8:00am In The Morning

"...These messages have permanent value. On 24th of September, I will give the last message from Kurescek and for Kurescek. Live and act in accordance with previous messages. From now on at Kurescek I will talk in the form of events. Messages from Medjugorje and Kurescek are priceless. Do not have them forgotten on your shelves, live them.
September 5, 1998, and At Father Smaverski Last Meeting With The Lady on December 8th, 1999 At 8:00am In The Morning

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" Do not worry about those who do not accept you and my messages. Again I say to you: Do not prove the reality of my messages and of my presence and do not convince those who do not take this as true. "
Kurescek, December 5, 1992


" Do not worry about those who do not accept you and my messages.

Again I say to you: Do not prove the reality of my messages and of my presence and do not convince those who do not take this as true.

Some are weak-sighted, therefore they do not see the proofs that I already have given.

Pray for them that they may be healed and reach understanding. The incessantly growing number of pilgrims will also be accompanied by other signs. Those will see and recognize them whose eyes are spiritually sane and who believe in the Son who speaks through me. To love is the greatest commandment.

Love God, also love me and I will prove to you that I am with you. Care for those who are in need of your help. Love your priests and pray for them, for through them graces flow to you. Priests, my beloved sons! Love and support one another. Encourage one another to fidelity and love for the One who has called you.

I am waiting that you might approach me even more for many of you are in great trial precisely because they are far away from me. I bless you all, especially the sick, the tried and the suffering."

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"... All the Mary's messages that she did not want to become publicly known at once are written in my diary.

I will make them public verbally and in written form when the time comes.

If God for some time gives me the necessary health, I will try to edit all messages into a book form, or somebody else will do it using my diary, which I will give to a very trust worthy person... "
Father Smaverski

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