Messages from Marian apparition at Kurescek to Father Smaverski 1989-1999. The Queen Of Peace instructs and warns...

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"...Do not prove the authenticity of my apparitions and messages. I will speak myself to the hearts that are open for spiritual good..."

February 10, 1994 and At His Last Meeting With the Lady

"... Do not argue with those, who do not believe, that I your Mother and Queen of Peace am also coming into the Church through the visionaries..."

April 4, 1998 and At His Last Meeting With the Lady

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The Messages of The Queen of Peace to Father Smaverski in 1996

"You have asked for an interpretation of the apparition during my feast day in Brezje.

Here is the explanation: I always come out of the Heart of my Son. This time I came with the cross in my hand.

I stopped above the globe.

Tears of sorrow were falling on the globe, tears of divine grace.

They were tears of sorrow, for the powers of darkness are so successfully battling against the Church and undermining spiritual values, especially among many priests with great success.

The tears were also tears of divine grace, for the Holy Trinity is sending me in order that through my tears I may call to conversion and Church renewal.

Saint Francis of Assissi, who was seen in the apparition, had fixed his gaze on the cross and upon me. This means that the Church needs renewal, just as it did at the time of Saint Francis.

This is a call from heaven for the return of all faithful, especially of those from the Franciscan Order, to the spirit of Saint Francis. This spirituality consists in the faith, hope and the trust of Saint Francis in God and love. Out of love for God the Saint renounced all earthly goods, received perfect purity, obedience to his superiors and to his vows.

Many faithful, priests, sons and daughters of Francis have distanced themselves from a deeper faith, trust and true love. Poverty is practiced only by a few, and there are many who, following the example of the world, are bound to material goods and to luxury.

Those who want to live the life of Saint Francis have become the laughter and mockery of many because of their holiness. Return to poverty, so that you may become small and humble again.

Care for a pure life, renounce all means of stimulation that rob you of strength and time.

Care for a deeper worship of God and for deeper prayer. Priests, renew prayer before and after every liturgical service, especially before and after Holy Mass. My transferring of the Cross to the middle of my breast means that the Crucified is the center and source of strength. Before Him and His Cross Saint Francis prayed for all he obtained.

Look to the cross upon which my Son is hanging. Do not be afraid.

My stretched out hand means that I will maternally bless all of you. The knodding of Francis means that he accepted the will of God and that your accepting of His will is also the only way in which the Church will be renewed through you.

Return to the spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi, following his example and the example of many who followed him. I bless all those who partake in the renewal of the Church and in the combat against the dark powers in the Church.

Your cross in this battle will not be easy, but you will be able to bear it because you will share in the strength that can do all things. Pray and look at the Cross, this is your victory.

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

I rejoice over my faithful children who come in haste to meet me this day.

Many of you have experienced my presence in the last years, since my first commission: "Renew prayer at this forgotten and abandoned place."

Be living witnesses of the graces that have been given to you.

Your transformed life shall be a proof to unbelievers, that you have been strengthened through the power of the grace you have received and that this alone is prompting you to holiness and continual conversion.

Describe the true grace you have experienced and transmit it to the priests who, together with the Bishop, are going to sift out the possible inauthentic experiences through the gift of discernment.

Fear those who exaggerate things, claiming to see what does not exist. But all of you who have truly experienced the grace that has been granted to you through me, are to be witnesses of this grace through your life and word, both spoken and written.

Renew and fortify strengthen the Church spiritually.

This is the call from heaven.

You will be able to do this by continuously looking at Jesus Christ crucified and risen from the dead, who is alive in the Holy Eucharist.

Before the Most Blessed Sacrament cast yourselves into the Heart of my Son and in my Heart and atone for the desecrations, blasphemies and terrible sins of a godless world and for those who have separated themselves from the Body, the Church.

The trials inflicting you will be overcome by the strength that you will receive through prayer and surrender to my Heart and to the Heart of my Son.
I invite my beloved sons, the priests, to return to the poverty of Saint Francis and to order their spirituality in accordance with the rigor of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and in the spirit of humility of many holy men and women.

This is the way to renew the Church and the strongest weapon against the dark powers seeking to undermine divine order, peace and unity.

Obedience and fidelity to the bishops, especially to the principal bishop, together with prayer, is the condition for victory in the battle against disunity in the Church.

Pray, pray, that you may become guests of my Heart and of the Heart of my Son, and do not be afraid.

Everything you need will be given to you.

All that I commission you with and desire from you is meant for the whole Church and for the whole world.

Be thankful to the Most Holy Trinity that I have stepped upon this piece of earth in a special and personal way. I bless all my children, especially the sick and the weak."

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

You have waited two months for this day.

You were tried, but your serious illness has not kept you from being happy. One sign that I am with you is that you still did not know at 11 a.m. today whether the doctors would allow you to leave the hospital, but I wanted you to be at Kurescek precisely today, for I already invited you two months ago.

I arranged thing in such a way that you would be here on the day I wished.

This shall be a testimony to all.

There are more and more people who have experienced conversion and other answers to their prayers at this place full of graces; that is why the number of devotees of my Heart and of the Heart of my Son is growing. Also many priests are converting and waking up. For this you should give thanks with joy.

The dark powers are strong and oppress the Church and its individual members.

Do not be afraid, just stay faithful to the Church and it's Head. Pray with fervor for the Pope and ask for the blessing you are going to receive.

You and your descendants will only understand the true value and meaning of the Pope's visit later on.

I, your Mother, am with you and will continue to be with you.

I will rejoice over the good fruits of the Pope's visit. I will also rejoice over the disappointment of the opponents.

The dark powers are strong, but God is almighty.

I bless you, my faithful visitors, your houses, all the sick and the weak. I especially bless the priests who have recourse to my Heart and to the Heart of my Son.

I am united with all of you priests most intimately during the celebration of the Eucharist and during your prayer before the Most Holy Sacrament.

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"... All the Mary's messages that she did not want to become publicly known at once are written in my diary.

I will make them public verbally and in written form when the time comes.

If God for some time gives me the necessary health, I will try to edit all messages into a book form, or somebody else will do it using my diary, which I will give to a very trust worthy person... "
Father Smaverski

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